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Poetry Ain't Always Pretty...

Poetry can be like a healing balm. Sometimes the healing process isn’t so pretty. This book of poetry delves into the ugliness and the beauty of healing.

Poetic Therapy: Me In Between

In his second installment of poetry, Tavares pushes himself to a level of transparency that confronts every fear that even he has refused to expose until now.

Poetic Therapy: Battle Wound

To know how I got where I am at this present moment, it is important for me that you know how I started the journey. I never had the real courage to talk about but I did find strength in writing about it.

Authors Bio

Sammy Smith is an American poet and writer, born in Edgefield, SC in 1981. He is an artist who writes to heal, to empower, to encourage and to give voice to human experiences that many fear giving voice to. His hope is that one person reads his work and decides not to give up on life but instead makes the victorious choice to affirm and pursue life. He is an encourager at heart and loves to see others around him succeed with joy and peace. He is an educator and a freelance creative writer and currently resides in New Haven, CT.

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