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writers & authors…but I will design for you too! 

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Beautifully Designed Sales Funnels & Websites

How many times have you fallen into rabbit hole central from trying to do all “ The Things” to promote and sell your book.

When we fall into the “octopus trap” of being the web designer, funnel strategist, social media marketer, blah blah blah! It leaves us feeling unorganized and no better off than when we started and just frequently just stuck.

The real truth is...

Most authors professionals don’t have any actual experience in web design or funnel strategy, so why should you have to learn it.

90% of successful authors and coaches have learned that if you lack a set of skills to get what you need, hire a professional with those skills.

Rabbit holes and octopus traps are just mismanaged priorities that lead to unorganized business practices, finding it hard to gain momentum, or a beautiful hobby consistently stuck in planning mode.

The Reality of Growing in this Creative Game Is...

No matter if you are a writer, author, or coach that teaches others how to write and publish books.

...but you don't have to do it all, alone!!!


Designed In A Day

Starting at  $2500/day

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your website or funnel designed and done in a day?

This exclusive offer allows you to book me for the entire day to complete your strategy & design needs. I will only work with you 1:1 online on this day, with breaks for lunch and a much needed stretch….no worries, lunch is on me.

Your day will be specific for you and your goals, and you can choose sales funnel or website design. There is some prep work required before your day, and you’ll have my support after your day.

By the end of the day, you will have a fully functional Strategy, Sales Funnel or Website ready to promote. You won’t have to learn design or have to fumble around a website.

You only have to do what you’re good at!


Here is what we can accomplish in a day


Redesign an existing website or create a brand new website beautifully designed to attract and convert more leads! (1-3 pages and backend connections in one-day, 4-6 in 2 days)

Sales Funnel

Redesign your existing funnel or create a new one. (1-3 pages in one day. Includes opt-in page, landing page, thank you page, email automation setup and backend connections.)

Sales Page

Redesign or create a new sales page for your offer or property that’s beautifully designed to attract and convert more leads! ( 1-Page & backend connections)

Social Ads & Funnel Strategy Intensive

Coming in 2023

Tech Talk!

Platforms & Tools I work with:

  • WordPress (with Elementor Builder)
  • Clickfunnels
  • Groove Pages

Have a more extensive project? If you have a more massive sales funnel or website project, we can work together over multiple days!

Schedule a free consult call, and let’s chat about it!

Let’s get things done in a day

"Telling Stories with" DESIGNS

That Convert

How Does this Work?


#1 Book Your Day

Choose a day that works for you. But be sure to pick a day that you will be virtually available to provide feedback quickly so I can move through your project. 

Make sure you give yourself time to do any prep work before your Design Day. (I recommend at least 2 weeks).

After booking your Design Day, you will receive access to your personal Designed In a Day portal. I will be asking more questions related to your clients, design preferences, inspiration, etc. This pre-work will ensure I have everything I need to get working on your day.

You will also receive a link to schedule your pre-Design Day sales strategy consultation, to go over you goals & desires. 

#2 / Get Prepared

#3/ Design Day

Your Design Day will start from 9 AM – 5 PM EST.  I will be only working on your project and will need to communicate with you throughout the day via a chat-based platform.

I’ll check in with you over a pre-recorded video at midday (Noon EST) on the Design Day. That’s when I’ll take my lunch and a small meditation break. You will review and provide feedback for me to revise and continue designing for you.

Do I need to be available for the whole time for my Design Day?

Yes, to provide feedback as your work is getting completed throughout the day. Designed In A Day may involve frequent communication and collaboration; phone calls or video chats eat up too much time.  I prefer to use chat-based communication.

WhatsApp, a free app available for desktop and mobile, allows for texting, image sharing, and voice memos, which is excellent for clients who prefer to talk vs. write. My preferred method.

What happens after my design day?

The day after your Design Day, There will be a post-session for 1 hour of revisions/final-touches on your work. You’ll have 30 days of post-design support – you can reach out and we will fix any bugs.  If you need more support, we offer website care plans for a monthly fee.

You’ll receive a complimentary video showing you how to add and edit new content and pages.

Do you offer Design Days on the weekend?

Yes! On a case by case basis. There is a 25% accommodation fee since this is outside my regular working hours.

Do you offer payment plans?

Based on this service’s fast-paced nature, y to secure your spot on my calendar. You can Pay In Full or Pay 50% at the time of booking and the rest 24 hrs before your pre-design day call.

Do you offer refunds?

I designed this offer so that you have exclusive access to me with no interruptions. I don’t take on any other work while working on your website, and so your payment secures your slot in my calendar and gives me the freedom to turn down other work. No refunds are available from the time of booking.

You can reschedule up to 72 hours before your Design Day based on my calendar availability. Additionally, no refunds are considered during or after the project period.

Will you provide copy for the website or funnel?

No, Client ( you) will have to provide the copy before your Design Day. 

We can offer the service, but you will need to request that service when you book your Design Day ( additional fees will apply) 

Not Sure If This Is Right  For You?

(We’ll discuss your goals and the best options for you)

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