What Can Authors Do to Make Use of Social Media?

Social networking can be an important component of an author’s forum, allowing them to interact with readers, fellow authors, and the publishing community. However, choosing what material to publish next can be difficult. So, how do popular writers interact with their fans on social media? And, apart from links to their books, what can authors share on social media?

Here are a few suggestions. Many of these strategies will aid in the promotion of a book, but in more imaginative and engaging ways than simply posting a link to a book’s retailer page. We hope this inspires you when you think about what to post on social media. 


Allow readers to ask questions live, and give them a fixed amount of time to get your full attention. Fans are also willing to share their thoughts online, so prompting them with a particular subject can be a great way to get to know your fans and start a conversation. Try to Allocate virtual event schedules. If you’re taking part in virtual conferences, book tours, book signings, or any other gathering, make sure your fans know where they can find you online. Authors can also give a peek behind the scenes of your writing process. Show fans what inspires you when you’re writing. This can include everything from your research to photographs from location scouting trips, diagrams or sketches you made, or even excerpts from early drafts. 


In addition, authors can keep fans up to date on your writing success. Fans can be clamoring for an update on your next novel, so send them one! They’ll appreciate the inside look at the publication operation, including the ups and downs. Another tip is to give a quotation from one of your books. Create a picture of a famous, inspirational, or humorous quote from the book to increase visibility for it. Displaying one’s workspace is another way to use social media. Show your fans where you work if you don’t want to send detailed updates on your work in progress. Since writing can be a solitary activity, social media is an excellent way to welcome readers into your workspace. Along with sharing the workspace, authors can share their love of reading. Readers who track writers on social media are passionate about books. Relating to them and expressing a love of books will help to increase interaction.