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Maintaining a social media presence is vital for any writer these days. Social media is an excellent platform for marketing your book. 

By developing an account on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest and posting regularly, you have your finger on the pulse of your customer and can reach their friends and family online. When you publish content that is interesting and helpful, it will expand your audience base quickly.


You can get the most out of social media for your business if you use it as a platform to interact with your readers. A study on Optinmonster mentioned  Customers report spending 20%–40% more money on brands that have interacted with them on social media. Social media lets you connect with your audience, share information, and respond to questions posted by readers.

Social media is the reason why so many people know about your brand. By creating a profile and connecting with people on your brand’s social feed, you can gain an incredible following of potential customers. By building relationships in real-time, you will be able to create a community of loyal fans. You’ll also have the chance to catch the attention of new people who are interested in your company’s products or services—humanizing your brand. 

Self-publishers should be aware of these considerations when it comes to building an author platform. For self-published authors, the advantages of marketing and reputation management services are significant because they won’t rely on well-known publishers’ marketing campaigns. To be as visible as possible, authors should focus their social media efforts on building a solid online community.

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Social media is not a substitute for the need for a website. It’s helpful to have a website for an online business. You benefit from more significant search engine optimization and domain authority, as well as a separate identity from others on the web. Social media presence doesn’t give you control over who sees what when it comes to your company or brand. Our own website gives you control over your content and allows you to customize your appearance to fit your brand.

There you have it! Are you convinced about the power of social media marketing? It is a powerful way to connect with customers, but it’s not the same as having a great website. The two work well together. Together, they could lead to extremely high book sales.